Gaming today – mobile games

Nowadays mobile phones are not controlled to messaging and call but deals a broad array of structures and functionality like surf play games, check mails, interrelate with mates, a lot, study bulletin, internet and watch movies additional using the little smart plans. With augmented number of mobile users mobile...


Worlds best Android applications

There are again thousands of Android applications attainable in the niche under numerous categories like games, biz, finance, music, weather and even sports with plenty of modern applications launching every fortnight. Android Apps Market is equipped with dozens of free and paid applications that suits everyone’s requirement with best...


1 million dollars in prize – Dota 2

If you’re a gamer and you love to play Dota 2 – today is your lucky day! ESL just told us that they will give 1 million dollars in prize for the first place in the world tournament in Dota 2! Last year it was only $250 000, but...


Battlefield: Hardline is here

It’s finally here and it’s going to blow your mind with how awesome this game really is. We waited for this for so long and it’s finally here. The beta was really fun to play and we want the real deal. We also have some pretty cool stats to...


To fun or NOT to fun?

Whet comes to online games, you need to remember to stay calm. Those new games today like Call of Duty or GTA are so violent and you don’t have much room to do anything expect killing everything that moves on the map. If you are stressed and looking to...

The Order: 1886

The ORder: 1886 brand new game for PS4

There is a new game coming out very, very soon. This game is for some history fans and you are placed in Victorian era and you need to fight the order of the knights and protect the whole world from other creatures that may cause danger to your and...